Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Pooped to Post

I'm sorry for the lack of posts.  It seems that I'm slacking and I'll tell you why.  I'm so busy in work that there isn't time to post here like I had been.  Then when I get home I workout for at least an hour and then deal with dinner.  By the time all of that is done, the workout from hell has me done in and I'm to pooped to post. 

I played in the league tournament last Saturday night.  I'd decided that I wasn't going to play in the league, but seeing as how online poker is kaput, I've changed my mind.  I'm in baby!

There were 16 peeps and 2 tables, with a couple of new ladies at my table that I hadn't played with before.  They were definitely a couple and one of them was quite drunk, but more on that later.  Marvin, the second best player in the league (me being the best of course) was also at my table.  Remember last time I won the $40 last longer prop bet with Marvin? Heh.  I still down with Marvin on my left and ask him if he's up for another last longer bet and he tells me that he is but he only wants to invest $10.  I'm cool with that so we set aside our money and one of the new girls asks what we're doing.  We tell her and she wants in.  :)  And so does her girlfriend, and so does Lynne....pretty soon there's $60 in the prop bet which makes me happy because other than Marvin, there's no way these peeps can last longer than me.  Marvin whispers that when it's down to just me and him we'll split the $60 and I agree.

We're playing along and it's the 3rd hand dealt when drunk new girl bets half her stack and forces this other girl (who does not have a fold button) to fold.  Then drunk girl flips over her 10 high bluff.  Wow!  Good to know!  Half hour later the chick without the fold button limps and I have AQ sooted.  I raise it up big and of course she comes along for the ride.  Flop is A-J-X.  The girl is shortstacked because of that hand she folded on the river and makes a big bet at the pot.  I think I'm good because she's humming.  She'd been in lots of pots and hummed while deciding what to do and folding.  I'm thinking humming is a good sign so I raise her.  She jams all in and I instacall.  She flips over her J-10 and gg Hummer! 

I think she just couldn't get past losing the earlier hand and I did not put her on AK with her limp preflop.  After that I take a big chunk of chips from drunk girl and Marvin.  Although Marvin was a shortstack for a long time, he lasted to almost the bitter end.  I had probably 4 opportunities to take him out when I would've won, but I just didn't want to give him any chips.  Unfortunately, other people did just that.  I should've been a bit more aggressive with him, but you never know what you're up against when calling an all in from Marvin.  And I find it's almost always a bad move to call those all ins.  I think it's better to not get involved if I don't need chips.

Then an interesting hand takes place.  There's a 3 way all in preflop between a shortie, drunk girl, and drunk girl's girlfriend.  The shortie is all in but the 2 girls have more chips.  btw the girlfriend had been playing VERY TIGHT.  The flop is Q-10-3.  Drunk girl checks and Very Tight Girlfriend bets pot!  Shazam!  Drunk Girl starts yelling at her GF  "You're not supposed to do that!  You're so stupid!  Are you out of your mind?"  That's just a small sampling.  She yelled at her for maybe 5 loooooong minutes and then CALLED her.  Then GF jams all in.  Drunk Girl has a coniption and folds.  (She stayed pissed off for the rest of the night)  GF flips over Q-10 and scoops the pot.  She'd flopped top 2 pair.  Drunk Girl was even more pissed off and started yelling that she still shouldn't have bet to get the shortie out.  I felt really bad for the GF.  Drunk Girl wanted my opinion on whether GF should've bet post flop.  As gently as I could, I told her that "90%  of the time GF should check it down, but in this case, flopping top 2 pair, I like the post flop bet.  She's protecting her winner imo."  She didn't like my answer very much.

Lynne was to my right and has so many tells it's just not fair.  I took quite a few pots from her and soon enough she was out, as was her partner June.  By the time we combined to a final table I was still the chip leader, Marvin was still shortstacked and some guy from the other table had almost as much chips as I did, the bastard.  :)  Eventually all the people in our last longer bet were out except me and Marvin.  So we split the $60 and kept on playing, free rolling as the tourney cost $25 to enter. 

This 2 table game went from 8pm to almost 1am, as I was determined to have patience.  It was down to me, Marvin, and Davey and finally Davey knocked Marvin out.  We were HU and of course he had more chips.  At this point Evan was calling and calling saying, "When are you coming home???"  so I just called his all in with 5-2 off suit because I had to skeedadle.  Of course my awesome hand didn't hold up against A-J so I got 2nd place and $90, which was fine by me.

There have been 3 games played so far in the league.  I skipped the first one and played only 2 of 3, yet I'm tied for 3rd place right now.  Not too shabbay!

Oh and I'm meeting up with Lynne, June and possible Marvin at Foxwoods this weekend!  Woot!  I'll be playing at least 2 tournaments and Lynne has promised to teach me how to play craps.  Should be a blast.  Oh and guess who lives an hour away from Foxwoods?  Gary and Tootsie!  So I'm crashing on their couch or guest room!  Thank you Gary and Tootsie!  I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell.

Play smart.



bastinptc said...

Now, why would you want to learn how to play craps? You do love winning, right? Of course, you'll probably luck out... ;-)

Josie said...

e tu Bastin? e tu?

LOL actually I don't REALLY want to play craps but it's her fave game so I figured I'd be sociable. :)

bastinptc said...

I'm just looking out for you in that poker-friend kinda way.

Josie said...

Much appreciated Bastin!

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm sorry for the lack of posts.

No need to apologize -- a blog is for when you feel like it, not an obligation. We readers are happy with that.

The Neophyte said...

Good Luck at Foxwoods Josie. Personally craps can be the most fun game out there. Its also the hardest to understand with all of the bet possibilities. I enjoy it a lot when I get the chance to play which isn't much.