Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21st

First of all, thank you to Jon for being the first to wish me a Happy Birthday on this blog. Yes, it's my birthday and yes, I'm fucking old. STFU.

Not only am I working on my birthday, but guess what I'm doing at lunch time today? I'm going to the post office to ship brownies to a grumpy person! There's some irony for you. Oh and Lindy was 100% right. After the brownie batter was scraped into the baking pan and in the oven....the brownie covered bowl and spoon were calling me and yep, mmmmm I had a taste. Frigging yummy! Oh and I hada brownie after they were done too. It was almost my birthday for Pete's sake! They're delish.

So I'm in the elevator of my building riding up to my office this morning and there's an unfamiliar man in the elevator with me, going to a different floor and he says to me, something like:

"It can't be that bad, why so glum?"

(this is just me in my early morning/precoffee/anti-social stance)

For some bizarre reason, I reply:

"I'm really not that glum; in fact, it's my birthday."

As soon as it came out of my mouth I thought "Why the FUCK am I telling strangers it's my birthday?".

And he replied:

"Oh my God, it's my birthday too!"

Now, of course my reply was something akin to "bull shit!" but he insisted that it is in fact,his birthday too. In fact, he said:

"August 21st, 1958! How about you?"

So of course I told him the year I was born too...so yeah, I told a random person in the elevator my birthday including the year. Weird. We wished each other a happy birthday and then he got off on the 4th floor. Sweet guy though...assuming he isn't lying.

I got into work and my boss gave me a HUGE bouquet of ROSES. Very sweet also. Not quite as good as say, having the day off, but that's okay...I had a bunch of days off last week.

Okay work calls, and then I'm off to mail the yummiest brownies ever. Assuming of course, you like thick, rich, dark decadent brownies WITH NO NUTS.

Bake smart.



lightning36 said...

Happy birthday! You even get top billing in my blog today.

Josie said...

Awww TY Lightning - You know what I like!!! :)

Rakewell said...


Happy birthday!

Josie said...

TY Grumpy!

Lucki Duck said...

Happy Birthday VJ! Hope it's a good'un!

Josie said...

Ty Ducky! They're all Good-uns!

Josie said...

A Big thank you to Tony BIGcharles for sending me the cutest ecard for my b-day! xoxo

SirFWALGMan said...

Happy Birthday Josay!

CEMfromMD said...

Happy Birthday Josie. Nice to see I share a birthday with such a great person! Mine is August 21, 1969!

Jon said...

I know the year! But no, I won't tell :)
Oh, I will say that it starts with "19" and it DOES have 2 digits after the "19"
But that's all I can say!

josiesboytoy said...

Happy Birthday. Now I know why I am your boytoy. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart. Have a great day

Spot said...

Happy birthday!

~Coach said...

It's my birthday too!!! Okay, not so much, but happy birthday! ;)

Josie said...

Happy Bday CEM! :)

TY Waffles baby!

That ain't the ONLY reason you're my boy toy. ;)

Coach - you had me going about it being your bday - i was like wtf, what's going on?

Rob said...

WTF? It's YOUR birthday and YOU are sending neutered brownies to Grump?

So what the heck is he gonna send you on HIS birthday?

Anyway, happy birthday. I know how old you are. You're old enough to know better and young enough not to care.

Josie said...

Rob, I know. So not fair that I'm sending him shiat on MY bday.

BTW that's exactly how old I am. I guess 46 IS old enough to know better and young enough not to give a fuck.

lightning36 said...

It is 50, biatch.

Tatude said...

Happy Bithday. I've got one coming in 5 days. Finally 21 :).

Zin said...

Happy Bday you old fart...........................................................................................................just kidding. Honestly Happy Birthday Miss Josie Mama.

Josie said...

Tat, Happy Bday early! 21 huh?

TY Zin...kinda

FlushDraww said...

Happy birthday

Memphis MOJO said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one!

Lindy99 said...

So who gets to bake your cake on your birthday? Happy Bday VJ! You know you don't look a day over 29.

Carmel said...

I think today is also the day Hawaii became a state?

Josie said...

Flush Draww,That was the coolest birthday song ever. Thank you.

Mojo, TY baby!

Lindy....You leave the best comments EVER. TY baby, even though you may be embellishing a bit. :) Oh and no one baked but I had Red Velvet cake on Sunday and Dulce de Lece cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory last night, so I'm good!

Carmel....how odd you should say that....someone mentioned Hawaii to me on my birthday AND IT WAS WEIRD. I may post about it to tell you the story. come back later, oh and TY!