Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Damn men

I play in a weekly cash game that I joined about 2 months ago. Let me give you a little of the back story and then I'll get to this past game.

Game usually consists of the following players:
Marvin (best of the bunch)
Troy (marvin's brother and a good player)
Glenn (another brother who's mediocre)
Junior (conservative and good and has a crush on an older woman - me)
Perry (also pretty good but gives me his cash when I smile pretty)
Steve (loser - too tight to play right)
Lynn (it's at her house and she loses EVERY WEEK)
June (Lynn's wife - sometimes plays and always loses)
Gina (another lesbian who can't play but has fun losing)
Dale (Lynn's brother and another big loser, in the poker sense)

So they have a cash game every week and a tourney every sunday. I consistently won every week and last week I left up $21 but it was a total grind and I just never got into my groove. If I had something and I bet everyone folded. If I was trying to buy the pot I got reraised by Marvin every time. It just seemed like he has a tell on me, and I wasn't playing like I usually do - I was much more conservative.

My problem lies with the brothers - all the guys who play in this game are black and all the women who play are lesbians EXCEPT ME. So back to the brothers - they really know how to play - so much so that they seem to play EVERY HAND. They at least look at a flop regardless of how shitty their cards are, and if you don't bet enough they don't drop flush draws, straight draws or bottom pairs(hoping for trips). So usually my mode is to bet big - if they want a card they have to pay for it. Last time, I didn't do that because I hate risking alot of money (remember it's no limit) to get rivered.

So I'm playing premium hands betting 5 bucks here and there and getting called and getting sucked out on. So I get AA and just raise to $2.00 get a couple of callers - dangerous territory. Flop is Q-5-2 rainbow. I bet $6 and get called by Marvin. Turn is a 10. He checks, I bet $10 and get called. 5 on the river. He checks, and I check. He laughs and says I was hoping you'd bet and shows 9-5 - trips bust my AA. I don't even show my AA - think I should've gone all in after the flop but I dunno.

Last hand of the night and everyone is in. I look down at J-10 suited (my fav hand) and I say Oh, I have my favorite hand. Flop is J-J-6. TRIPS! Junior says I know her favorite hand and I fold. Marvin comes along for the ride when I bet $20. Turn is a Q - man I hope he has one. Ibet $20 and he folds because junior tells him my fave hand is J-10.

Arrrrrgh! How do I play against these guys????? Any ideas out there?


dbcooper said...

Stop telling them your favourite hands and wear something low cut. As a guy who plays a lot live it always distracts me.. ha Ha Good post

Josie said...

I DO utilize the low cut top.....I think that's why he remembered my fave hand! And yeah I was kickng myself for mentioning it. Playing with them again this sunday night and I THINK i'm going back to tight aggressive hitting it hard (harder than last time) so they really pay to stay in the hand.