Frankly My Dear....

....Frank won.

Me and my boys, Frankie, G-Man (Gary is no longer Jew Boy, G-Man it is!) and Lucki Duck played some poker last night and it wasn't pretty.

It was just bad beat, after bad beat, after bad beat.  And I'm not just saying that because I lost. 

We played (3) one table games.

Game 1 - $11+1 (9) person turbo
Lucki Duck didn't make it on time to get in on this game.  I guess he is lucky!  Frankie, Gary and I were out on bad beats....please don't ask me to remember them! No one cashed.

Game 2 - $5+.50 (9) person
Lucki Duck was out early when his pocket aces were cracked by pocket queens.  Duck raised, and the bad guy re-raised to 510 chips.  I was next with pocket nines, which I folded....then the two of them were all in.

Flop was 2,9,10....I would've flopped trips!  Turn was a Q, trips for the bad guy.  River was a J and Duck's goose was cooked.

Gary was doing fine chipwise, but called a big raise with Jack Ten.  Flop was 10, rag, rag.....all in, and his opponent had an ace, which turned into a pair of aces on the turn.  Bu-bye G-man.

I saw alot of bad beats so I dunno which happened here, but rest assured I didn't cash.

Frankie came in 3rd....only one of us good guys in the money.

Game 3 - $5+.50 (9) Person
It sucked!  My only bad play of the night was my last one.  Calling an all in against a guy who had two pair....and I had middle pair.  Really dumb, but at that point I had so many terrible beats I was frustrated.  Plus the flop was 8 high and thought I was okay.  Then G-man was out, and then the Duck....again just horrible beats. 

Frankie held on and played steady solid he had me to keep him company and urge him on.  I tend to be a good luck charm....he was a little shortstacked but doing fine.

Then they were down to two, so I wanted to offer Frankie extra incentive to win it outright.  Hmmmm, I racked my brain thinking what carrot can I offer?????  Came up with my good home cooking, but he's too far away.  Thought of a few other things too, but he's so young.  I can't corrupt him.  Then I thought of it!

My write up!  A favorable write up by Very Josie!  Who wouldn't want that! It obviously did the trick because Frankie won first place in game 3.  If he didn't I would've hit him with a hanger. ;)

Frankie was the hands down winner, and he's my winning horse for the next Very Josie, might I add.

Fun freaking time.  It cost me $24 for the fun time, but it was totally worth it.  I just feel bad for the 5 other guys at the table who had to endure my presence long after I was knocked out.

If any of you guys can offer details of your demise, or details in general, please comment, as I need the help.

I'm heading for bed.  I have to be in work at 8:30am and damn I'm tired.

Nice, nice guys....all of you.

Sweet dreams.



fmarra17 said…
Last night was a lot of fun! Although it is really hard to type, keep up with the conversation and play poker, but it was well worth it. It sounds like to me the best thing we got accomplished last night was that Gary was anointed with a nicer nickname!!

The write up Josie promised was great, but I still wouldn't mind a FedEx box with a container of her sauce. Now I have joined the club that Gary & Coop reside in, I have some of Josie's money!! She is going to have to work hard to get it back!!

As far as my bad beat, it happen in the 1st game. I had about $1000 in chips left and the blinds were starting to get big. I looked down and I had pocket 6's. Someone went all in and I called, he had AK. The flop came and there was a 6 in it so I now had trips. There was a Jack in the flop but I wasn’t worried, How wrong I was!!! There were 2 runners and I was rivered with a straight.

The turbo format we played in the 1st game I kind of had to shove all in with the sixes but it still hurts when you flop trips and lose.

It was a really nice to get to play with Gary, Duck & Josie. The conversation was so funny with the 4 of us that poker almost became secondary, almost.....

Now that Josie did the write up I wonder how she will give incentive to win when we play in our next tournament....Stay tuned…..I just hope it doesn’t include the hanger or do I….
Josie said…

re: fedex container of takes me all day to make, slow and steady....but very worth it.

And you're in Coop's club, but not Gary's! Who said that guy had my money?

I'll have to think about the next incentive...I like to be creative.
Lucki Duck said…
Fun times!

Thanks to VJ, G-man and Franco for an entertaining evening :o)

Hopefully, the next one will be more profitable!
Josie said…
Duckhead (change the u to an i please)

If you're looking for a war of words, you've come to the right place.
dbcooper said…
Congrats Frankie. Glad to see you cashed. Nice to have Josie money right?? I wish I could say the same. I did have Josie money but now Fulltilt has Josie money and me not able to access it. I was going to come online last night and watch or I would have played the second or third tournament but I am locked out. Sob Sob
Josie said…
Coop, it's just as well that you didn't get in. We were in rare form last night....let's just'd be SPEECHLESS. lol
Lucki Duck said…
Ok VJ, you are LINKED on my "Full Tilt" article.

Never forget that old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.

OGR- Old Guys Rule!
Josie said…
Thanks Ducky!

Last night was alot of laughs - thanks for that too....notice how nice I'm being? Yep it's be nice to Lucki Duck week!

(note: the week can end without notice at any time)
Lucki Duck said…
Treachery comment skeert ya, huh?
Josie said…
@ My Dear Duck, Nah, I'm just naturally sweet.

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