Lose Your Lips Must Die

 Friday I played a double header in SmBoat Drinks' poker league on Poker Stars. 7:00 Early Bird Special Seven Card Stud I suck at this because I never play it.  I never play it because I suck at it.  What came first, the chicken or the egg? I dunno, but where it was only $10 I figured I'd give it a shot.  It was a great game.  I get it now.  I get the strategy and how to play.  So much so, I wouldn't mind playing again.  That's the good part. Here's the mutha fawking bad part.  I came in 4th place, the bubble.  I had also bubbled the previous night.  Grrrrrr I played for over 2 hours only to bubble and the good tournament was starting soon at 10pm.  Fun time. I was never shortstacked in the 10pm game.  In fact, I stayed in 1st - 3rd place for most of the tourney.  I did my thing, ruthless attacks, and putting my fishponents on edge - making them face tough decisions.  The more you make your opposition make tough decisions, the more you win. So I played this mofo for

In the Frying Pan

 Hello my peeps, my friends, my fellow bored poker enthusiasts, It is effing FRIDAY.  I'm working for another 3 hours, remotely at home.  Shoot me now.  In theory it's great to work from home, but omg I'm in my little box 24 hours per day.  Thankfully I started going back to the gym this past week.  That helps. Wednesday: I worked at home till 6, went to the gym and then played poker at that den of illrepute.  This time instead of there being a table full of 20somethings who think they're all that, we also had 3 big fishies who barely knew how to play.  And they were my age...ish. One guy would jam $800 all-in, to a $40 pot.  He didn't know what a straddle was...good times. I let the woman who runs the game know that I would only be able to stay 2 hours because it was a work night and she was fine with it.  But the game was so good I stayed for 3 hours.  Nothing too eventful happened in that final hour but time was needed to see if I could get in one more good hand

Be Careful

 After being holed up for so long because of this pandemic, I was/am chomping at the bit to play some real poker.  Besides, I still have my son's tuition payments to make.  So I was pretty excited to be invited to an underground game very close to me. I went! It seemed somewhat safe - masks, temperatures taken, sanitizer, but certainly no social distancing.  I was too distracted at the thought of live poker to really care.  So play I did. At most I was up about $280 and at the end I left up $86.  This is the first time I've ever thought "this game may not be for me".  I'll make a list of all the issues I had/have with it below.  But that being said, they're having another game tonight and I'm considering going again. 1. I just don't think it's the most profitable game for me, as they're all sharks. 2.  I don't think it's collusion, but all the other players are buddies, but more than that, they all seem to pay on credit - very few peopl

Playing online with OMC

Very little poker had been going on because of Covidia, but I've been playing a little lately.   SmallBoat Drinks is running an online "Home Game" on Poker Stars that's a lot of fun and most games are $10 each. You ship it to him via Venmo,unless you play smart like me, in which case he ships TO YOU. ;)   Anyway, he's running his WSOP events now so there are more games than usual. 4-5 per week and he's throwing in shiat like Badugi, HORSE, Omaha Hi/Lo O8 or better. Fun stuff. Let me or Boatie know if you want the info to join. There's about 45 players now, mostly from the old school blogger era. You can leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter.   Last night was Omaha Hi/Lo which is probably my worst game, save Seven Card Stud. However, Mama won! First place which got me a ToC seat entry and the first WSOP bracelet. If the bracelet is virtual I'm gonna be pissed.   I had Jalupe, SmBoat Drinks, DLpimpin, Rancher, Johnny G, Lady Luck and others

The Bitch is Back

Well Whores, look who's back! To be clear, I'm only back because I'm wicked fucking bored and clearly I have things to say. I have years worth of poker stories to catch you up on, plus the current cluster fuck that is normal life. So yeah, I'm aware that poker blogging is about as dead as french kissing strangers but hey...I've always been worth a read. So kick your feet up and get ready for some daily Very Josie. I'm playing a tourney tonight online with Small Boat Drinks - remember that biatch? No? Just me? I'll get you up to date on my life too...interesting in a boring muthafucka kind of way. I see Grump and Lightning are still who knew?!? Play smart. The one. The only. Very Josie

Hi Necro!

Wishing everyone a fun/safe holiday weekend! Play smart. Josie PS. Necro, this is proof I am me. PPS. No I'm not blogging again, unless I win a big bunch of money at Foxwoods' World Poker Finals Main Event next week. In which case, you know how I love to brag.

August 21st

First of all, thank you to Jon for being the first to wish me a Happy Birthday on this blog. Yes, it's my birthday and yes, I'm fucking old. STFU. Not only am I working on my birthday, but guess what I'm doing at lunch time today? I'm going to the post office to ship brownies to a grumpy person! There's some irony for you. Oh and Lindy was 100% right. After the brownie batter was scraped into the baking pan and in the oven....the brownie covered bowl and spoon were calling me and yep, mmmmm I had a taste. Frigging yummy! Oh and I hada brownie after they were done too. It was almost my birthday for Pete's sake! They're delish. So I'm in the elevator of my building riding up to my office this morning and there's an unfamiliar man in the elevator with me, going to a different floor and he says to me, something like: "It can't be that bad, why so glum?" (this is just me in my early morning/precoffee/anti-social stance) Fo