Lose Your Lips Must Die

 Friday I played a double header in SmBoat Drinks' poker league on Poker Stars.

7:00 Early Bird Special Seven Card Stud

I suck at this because I never play it.  I never play it because I suck at it.  What came first, the chicken or the egg? I dunno, but where it was only $10 I figured I'd give it a shot. 

It was a great game.  I get it now.  I get the strategy and how to play.  So much so, I wouldn't mind playing again.  That's the good part.

Here's the mutha fawking bad part.  I came in 4th place, the bubble.  I had also bubbled the previous night.  Grrrrrr I played for over 2 hours only to bubble and the good tournament was starting soon at 10pm.  Fun time.

I was never shortstacked in the 10pm game.  In fact, I stayed in 1st - 3rd place for most of the tourney.  I did my thing, ruthless attacks, and putting my fishponents on edge - making them face tough decisions.  The more you make your opposition make tough decisions, the more you win.

So I played this mofo for a hair less than 4 hours.  I took out my boy SmBoat Drinks, like I usually do ;) and then finally I was heads up with Lose Your Lips.

Winner gets a "bracelet" a lot of points, and entry into ToC.  I already had one win, and LYLMD had 2.

Oh how I wanted to even things up but nope.  We didn't last heads up long.  I played a little suited connector, 5/4 hearts and hit 2 hearts on the board.  The river came a 3rd heart onto a paired board.  I jammed all in and of course he called with a full house.  ffs! gg very josie.

I'll get my revenge tonight.  I have one target, LIPS.


geezer said…
can you play on stars if living in the states
Josie said…
Hi Geezer,

Yes, you can play on stars but not for money. Just for play money, which isn't the same at all. In fact it sucks. The only reason I'm able to play on stars for this stuff is because Boatie set it up as a home game and everyone ships the money to him and he ships out the winnings.

Certainly a PIA for him, but it works for me.
Tony Bigcharles said…
only reason i knew this blog was up and running since u wont discuss it on your twitter is because Vince mentioned it to me in a text. (he seen the link to it on my blog roll)

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