Just Another Manic Monday

Ahhh another long weekend and no work today.  Whee!

This afternoon I'm playing in my monthly poker league with L&BM.  It's the last game of the year so it is significant as it's the last chance to get points before the big game on Superbowl weekend.  After today's tourney all the points will be talleyed and money given for which place you are in.  That money goes to the big buyin of the superbowl saturday game.  Last year I ended up with a free roll, and I'm pretty sure I'm on track to do it again, although I won't be in first place I don't think.

Speaking of first place, the football challenge is finally over.  I beat Waffles for the week, but he won the whole shebang.  Biatch.  lol jk Very well done, sir!  There were many weeks that Waffles and I were apart by only one point, but there were a few other weeks that I sucked big time and it was too much of a deficit to make up.  It was fun playing with his kiddos too.  (his wife scares me tho)  Anyway....I probably owe his son $20....maybe more, but his son owes me two drawings.  He owed me one previously and now he owes another for this week.  As soon as I am in receipt of said drawings I will ship the money.  Tick tick.  I suggest drawings of any Boston Red Sox player or even the logo.  Perhaps the Pats or even the Bruins logo.  A drawing of Waffles would definitely be good too.  :)  Waffles please make these suggestions to your son.  Also, ask him if he'd like to barter up.  Instead of $20 he could get a baseball autographed by Jacoby Ellsbury, or Jason Varitek, or Pedro Martinez.  I mention this not to save money.  These baseballs are much more valuable than $20.  The authentic baseball alone costs more than $10, and it comes in a case.  Anyway, his choice.

Funny story:  I sent his son $$ once and in the envelope I also enclosed my very josie business card - just for a little pizzaz.  heh.  I didn't think that was all that inappropriate, but um, Waffles wife did.  lol I think she said I was sending the kid porn. LOL  That's probably not good.  Below is a picture of the front and back of my business card.  That's not porn, is it?

I spent most of yesterday watching Tony play a $109 tourney.  He won his entry in a free roll so he was playing this for free.  He was incredibly patient in the beginning and was kind enough to tell me what his hole cards were when he was in a hand.  He played really really well, except for a few isolated hands.  There was one hand where I didn't know what he had....the flop was J-10-9 and he jammed all in and got instacalled.  He flipped over 4-4 and he was up against K-Q.  Doh!  Turn was a Q and river was a K, so they split.

Anyway, my main objective was to keep Tony on even keel and to stay focused, which I think I did, until that last hand.  Again that last hand he didn't tell me what he had before he shoved.  If he had I would;ve been sending a FOLD message, but he didn't.  Instead he shoved with ace 3 in early position and got called by AK.  Grrrrr Regardless he won over $400, and as easy as it is to be judgemental about the push (and I am) and be an arm chair quarterback, I know it isn't easy when you're making decision after decision in the eye of the storm.  It's far easier to judge when you don't have that kind of pressure on you for your every move.  Tony did outlast more than 1,000 people so CONGRATS TONY!!! 

Play smart.



Zin said…
Just another Manic Monday wish it were Sunday, Good Morning Sunshine!
VJ, please stop sending porn to a kid, lol. Your not a Cougar or related to (Sandusky) are you, just kidding. I am going to enjoy the day and rest up for work tomorrow, back to the grind, i love the oilfield.

Trying to think of what to make for lunch and supper. Had some leftover taco meat from last nights supper so i guess more tacos for lunch, that was easy. As for supper i took 2 - 1-1/2 T-bone steaks out from the freezer. After the steaks thaw out i will cover the steaks in kosher salt for about 1hr, then i will rinse the steaks and cook reverse seared method, smoke steaks to internal temp of 120 then a quick sear delish. For the side some good old fashion french fries my favorite.
What are you cooking for today Miss Josie? Wow me with your cooking skills.
Josie said…
lol wow Zin! You've impressed me with your cooking skills. what is reversed sear method?

Not doing much cooking today. Heading to my poker league at 2pm. I did make blueberry muffins for my son and his friend for breakfast along with some fruit...

tacos for lunch? do you have the ability to heat them up or must you eat them cold? (ewww)

what do you do in the oil field? Dig? lol
Zin said…
Miss Josie reverse sear is just the opposite of hot and fast. You start cooking the steak indirect, slowly bring the internal temp to your liking then you finish with a quick sear directly over the fire.
Have been wanting to try the sous vide method but cannot bring myself to try it, the SV method is the way Peter Luger steak house cooks there steaks.
I am a Gauger in the oilfield Miss Josie, i take care of 40 Oil pumping wells and 5 disposal wells or injection wells. I make sure the wells are working properly on a daily basis.
lightning36 said…
A "mature" woman sending a business card with a total of four provocative silhouettes to a male adolescent? Very inappropriate at best.

Oh -- and don't be surprised at what the coaching and messaging with Tony might yield. Railing and messaging someone for an entire tournament sends out a strong "girlfriend vibe." Guys think that way, you know ...

I guess this makes me your life coach. I know it is a difficult job, but someone has to do it. Please deposit the usual fees in my PayPal account by the end of the week.
Josie said…
Zin, wow, that is sexy ---> slowly bring the internal temp to your liking then you finish with a quick sear directly over the fire.

@lightning, I was being a good friend and helping him not panic or stress out. do you think me talking him down had nothing to do with his deep run? think again. ive railed and chatted with you and i am NOT your frigging girlfriend. i was trying to help a brother out and i feel like i succeeded in that. sheesh.
Zin said…
Lol! Kind of like handling a woman, bring the heat up slowly to her liking then BAM!
lightning36 said…
Don't be obtuse, Josie. I have been a friend of yours for some time, you might have railed me for an hour or so a few times , and I am not a lonely guy practically begging for female companionship. Tony is a lonely guy looking for a girlfriend and certainly appears to have difficulty understanding nuance (and many things)in a relationshipship. Your perspective won't matter to him.
grrouchie said…
Today I will Frivolously spend money on a dinner that might just pass through my system with the quickness.

I rec'd an email this morning that says for the first week of 2012 the RoadRunner food service is free in Vegas with a code. So, I'm thinking about ordering up some Buffalo Wild Wings and having them deliver it to my door.
it's only 10 am so a bit early, I hope I remember I want this later in the day :)
Josie said…
lol zin,yes that's what i was thinking too. note to self - dress up as a steak, should I ever meet zin.

@lightning - i know what your saying, yet i felt good helping. perhaps i shouldn't have. I don't know. I do know that if he continues playing machines, then my help won't matter much anyway, so why bother.

grrouchie, that's awesome. enjoy the buffalo wings!
Cranky said…
VJ - you're a patient person. To me, watching online poker when I'm not playing is like watching paint dry. I bet your counsel did help him, though. Can't say this happens to everyone, but I know that after a while in a tournament I start to do dopey things and donk off the chips. Under the right circumstances, I can go from a big stack to out in less than a circuit.
Josie said…
cranky i know it helped....he was getting very stressed out at one point.
JT88Keys said…
If you were telling him how to play hands while they were in progress or advising him what to do based on his position and hole cards, then that's a veeeery grey area. How would you feel if you were playing in a tournament at a casino and on every hand somebody at the table showed their cards to someone sitting behind them and took their advice before acting?

Helping a friend? Surely. Cheating? Quite possibly.

One player to a hand please.
Josie said…
jt88, i was keeping him calm...telling him to relaz...that sort of stuff. he was kind enough to tell me his hand so i didn't die of boredom. he seemed to get panicky off and on - that's how i helped him - i did not play the tourney for him. i also gave him lots of positive encouragement telling him he could do this...stuff like that.
JT88Keys said…
So had he told you his hole cards at the end were A3 off-suit you would not have told him to FOLD? That sure as heck sounds like providing advice. And you're saying you never offered any input when he told you his hole cards other times? I find that very implausible. Even if it wasn't every hand it's still shady.

I'm sorry, I like you and you obviously meant well. It may piss you off to have someone say it, but that's not cool.
Josie said…
I am not shady. I am honest. My intent was to calm him down. Had he asked me about his wage rag. I would've said fold in a heart beat. Your comment offends me and I don't give a crap about what ur judgemental mind finds implausible. Have u not ever railed a friend on line? One offers support, moral support, but doesn't tell the friend how to play. You are way off base here and quite offensive.
Josie said…
and for the record, do not say "I'm sorry.." when you clearly are not.
grrouchie said…
JT88 - Fact of the matter that online poker is different than live poker.

If someone was giving advice at a poker table I would have a huge issue with it - 100% I would.

Online I know it happens and that is part of playing online. There is nothing you can do about it, you know it happens and you just live with the fact. I don't believe coming in here to guilt trip Josie about any influence she may or may not have had over Tony's performance is worth your time or anyone else's time.

You cannot regulate what you cannot see.

Some of my best tournament finishes involved playing beside one of my best friends and verbalizing all of my hands so that he could help keep me in check sometimes during card dead runs or to explain my thinking and have him either agree or tell me i'm stupid.

Like I said - Live vs online is two totally different animals. If you are going to play online you just have to live with that fact.

I do not think Josie did anything wrong and would have no issues if she was even telling Tony what she would do once in a while.
But, that's all my opinion.

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